Masks Across the Manning

As COVID-safe face masks become increasingly popular, they become increasingly scarce – and increasingly expensive. How can we, as a community, ensure that the vulnerable (who need them most) and the disadvantaged (who can afford them least) have access to the protection that masks provide?

Manning Valley Project is looking to mobilise a community-wide initiative to:

  • Share information, patterns and materials (via a Masks Across the Manning Facebook Community)

  • Make 2- or 3-layer re-usable/washable cloth face masks

  • Collect finished masks for distribution to those who need them.

Sewing circles, craft groups and 'crafty' individuals

Have you come across an effective, user-friendly pattern for COVID-19 face masks?

Have you got a 'stash' of material, or elastic, or thread, or filters?

Have​ you got some time and skill to share?

Do you know others who might join you?

Let's get a community going: 'crafters for the common good'!

Join the conversation on Facebook.

We realise that there are other volunteer groups doing this. If you're one of those: great – thank you – and let's work together. (Perhaps we can help with materials, or distribution?)

We realise that there are small businesses doing this too. The last thing we want is to cut into anyone's livelihood, when times are already tough. We'll be giving masks away free to those who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford them. But if you're making masks to sell: great – thank you – and let's work together. (Perhaps we can encourage people who can afford it to buy one for themselves and one to give away?)

Either way, let's talk.

Collection (drop-off) and distribution

If you've got masks to share, you can drop them off at the following​ collection points.

And watch this space. As the network grows, we'll add more collection points.