The Manning Valley Project is a kind of 'umbrella' for various activities and initiatives aimed at connecting people to God; connecting people to people; and connecting people to community.
Worship, prayer, weddings, baptisms and funerals

We're connected to the various Uniting Church communities of faith – and their ministers, pastors and chaplains – in the region.

If you're looking for an inclusive, friendly church to support you, celebrate with you, grieve with you, pray for you – or otherwise help you mark the important moments on your life journey – please be in touch.

For locations of our churches in the region (and links to their web sites)...

Masks Across the Manning

Are you part of a craft group or sewing circle? Do you sew – or know someone who does? Do you have a 'stash' of material or elastic in your cupboard? Do you feel disconnected or helpless in the face of COVID-19? Would you like to be part of a community of 'crafters for the common good'?

If so, please connect with Masks Across the Manning!

We're mobilising our churches, networks and the wider community to help share effective sewing patterns, donate materials and make
re-usable cloth face masks for collection and donation to the vulnerable (who need them most) and the disadvantaged (who can afford them least) – while also helping us all to stay connected, busy and positive during this challenging time!

If you'd like to be part of this project – or part of the conversation as it takes shape – check out the Masks Across the Manning Facebook community, or email Rev. Claire Wright.

Or if you'd just like to get going - get sewing!
We'll update you on Collection Points (where you can donate your finished masks) as we expand the Manning Valley network.

Retreat | Centre

Rev. Claire is currently having conversations in the community around developing safe and creative new spaces and experiences for people of all faiths (or none) to explore spirituality.

The life of spirituality and faith should be a journey of discovery and growth, based on peace and love, hope and compassion, human dignity and freedom. For many people, though, 'organised religion' has not offered such a journey – or is no longer the first place most spiritual pilgrims would look...

Rev. Claire is looking to offer a menu of experiences under the banner Retreat|Centre:  essentially, 'micro-retreats' intended to help re-set, refresh and restore in the midst of our busy, stressful lives.


Based around the ancient biblical concept of shalomhealing, wholeness and peace – these micro-retreats will offer short 'mind-body-spirit' activities such as mindfulness, story-telling, relaxation and spiritual exercises (from a range of traditions) to help participants re-connect with Spirit – and with themselves.

Retreat|Centre sessions will be one to one-and-and-half hours long and free of charge (or low cost) – making them accessible for people who wouldn't normally have the time or money for
a 'retreat'.

Watch this space!

And if you'd like to join the conversation,
email Rev. Claire.